Weighted blankets that will help your child if they are having difficult time relaxing, calming their body, or can't sleep.
The use of the weight will give a deep pressure to the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments and will allow the central
nervous system to calm and soothe. This weighted blankets 3 main reason that help your child or adult:
1. improve body wareness 2. calm and improve attetion an focus 3. decrease sensory seeking behaviors


My child was diagnosed with SPD(Sensory Process Disorder) and wouldn't sleep much... His therapist and doctor
recommended a weighted blanket. I was willing to do anything to help him. I went online to buy one and they run from $60 to $180
plus shipping and handling. I did a research online on how to make them and started making one. The first time I put one
on my son he stayed laying down for 30minutes which for us parents know this is impossible to see!! With a little time now,
I can say my son sleeps through the night and the sleeping has helped with his development. His SPD is causing a speech delay.
Now that my son sleeps well, he is saying basic word: mama, dad, his sisters names :) We (my mom & I) have made some for some kids
with autism already!

The basic $40 weighted blanket is:

- 1 yd. long with your child's favorite color or favorite cartoon character
- will weigh 3lbs.
- can wash like any blanket
- Air dry
(you more than welcome to stop by and try to put one on you or child)

*We are now working on weighted vest or weighted pillows for your shoulders AKA weighted snake*

If you need a longer blanket for your child because he/she is older or taller please contact me.

Twin Size
Kung Fu Panda

Cat in the Hat