You get to choose the width and how tall you
want it (1 tier, 2 tier or 3 tier), choose the color ribbon,
add baby name, add different decoration for your baby shower
theme, and add a plush toy!

*Plush toys might not always be the same. PLEASE email first to check!*
Thank you!

Diaper Wreath
(Jacana Theme)

Jordan Theme

Nightmare Before Christmas Theme (2tier)

Baby Minnie Mouse Theme

Superhero (cape) Theme
(2 tier)

Superhero Theme (2 tier)

Tiffany Theme

Fisher Price-Monkey Girl Theme

Marvin the Martian 

Baby Scooby-Doo

Leopard Onesie Diaper Cake 
(3 tier)

Nala Diaper Cake (2 tier)

Owl Diaper Cake

Precious Moments ( boy ) 

Nala Theme 

Lion King Theme Diaper Cake (2 tier)

Fisher Price Rainforest Diaper Cake

Blanket Monkey Diaper Cake

Pooh "girl" Diaper Cake
(medium-2 tier)

Ballerina Bear Theme Diaper Cake  (medium size)

(side view)

Zabra Princess Diaper Cake

Banana Monkey/Safari Diaper Cake

Hello Kitty Diaper Cake
(medium size)

Rubber Ducky Theme Theme Diaper Cake-3 tier
boy (yellow/blue)

Leopard Diaper Cake-pink/brown
(medium size) with leopard rattle plush

Precious Moments Bear Diaper Cake-boy
medium size-(navy blue/green)

One tier Monkey Girl Diaper Cake (with Butterfly)

Monkey Diaper Cake- with baby name

Safari 'boy' Diaper Cake

Peek-a-boo Monkey Girl Diaper Cake

Ladybug Diaper Cake
(decorated with tiny ladybugs)

2-Minnie Mouse/3 tier Diaper Cake
lightpink/hot pink/dots with baby name

Zebra (tutu) Diaper Cake (medium size)



Mickey Mouse "boy" Diaper Cake - Medium Size

Owl Diaper Cake (Boy)

Monkey Peek-A-Boo Diaper Cake

 The Beatles Theme
Diaper Cake

Betty Boop Diaper Cake