(prices vary depending on the choice of theme, quantity of plush toy or foam figure)
Note: Some themes require time. Please ask first if a certain theme toys are available.

These are the themes I've done. I will make any corsage theme, incase you
dont see your theme here :)

Floral Baby Initial Theme

Sea Shell Theme

Turtle Theme

Tiffany Theme

Pink RealTree

Scooby Theme

Ariel Theme

Twin Girls Theme

Dinosaur Theme
(small size)

Cowgirl Theme
(pinks/lil brown)

Anchor Chevron

Foxy Girl Theme

Leopard Carriage

Fisher Price Monkey Girl Theme

Monkey Jill Theme

Baby Pebbles Theme

Pink Elephant Theme

Elephant-Pink Chevron

Elephant-Purple Chevron


Elephant Purple/Yellow Chevron

Pink Safari (giraffe) Theme

Hungry Catapillar Theme

Princess Tiara (pin) Theme
(same pin has been discontinued)

Twin Theme (boy/Girl)
small size

Minnie Mouse Theme

Baby Bird Theme

Ready to Pop Theme

Tiara-Pink/Green Theme

Princess Tiara Pin 
(same pin has been discontinued)

Tiara/Rossette Theme

Belle Doll Corsage
(2wk in advance notice needed)

Deer/Camoflauge Theme

Hello Kitty-Animal Print Theme

Jacana Monkey/Twin Girls Theme

Revealing Theme w/Ducky

Jordan Theme

Leopard Bow Theme

Minnie Mouse-Chevron

Lion King-Nala Theme

Paris Theme

Penguin/Twins Theme

Tropical Theme

Baby Carriage Theme

Hello Kitty foam/zebra print Theme

Rubber Ducky Thme

Cowgirl Theme

Jacana Theme (Medium size)

Purple Flower/Teal Theme

Owl (felt) Theme

Queen of the Jungle Theme

Precious Moments

Plush Monkey Rattle 
(limited in stock)