(prices vary depending on the choice of theme, quantity of plush toy or foam figure)
Note: Some themes require time. Please ask first if a certain theme toys are available.

These are the themes I've done. I will make any corsage theme, incase you
dont see your theme here :)

Floral Baby Initial Theme

Unicorn Girl Theme

Sea Shell Theme

Pink Teddy Bear Theme

Minnie Mouse Theme(older)

Harley Quinn Theme

Baby Owl Theme

Turtle Theme

Tiffany Theme

Pink RealTree

Scooby Theme

Ariel Theme

Twin Girls Theme

Dinosaur Theme
(small size)

Cowgirl Theme
(pinks/lil brown)

Anchor Chevron

Foxy Girl Theme

Leopard Carriage

Fisher Price Monkey Girl Theme

Monkey Jill Theme

Baby Pebbles Theme

Pink Elephant Theme

Elephant-Pink Chevron

Elephant-Purple Chevron


Elephant Purple/Yellow Chevron

Pink Safari (giraffe) Theme

Mermaid Theme

Hungry Catapillar Theme

Princess Tiara (pin) Theme
(same pin has been discontinued)

Twin Theme (boy/Girl)
small size

Minnie Mouse Theme

Baby Bird Theme

Ready to Pop Theme

Tiara-Pink/Green Theme

Princess Tiara Pin 
(same pin has been discontinued)

Tiara/Rossette Theme

Belle Doll Corsage
(2wk in advance notice needed)

Deer/Camoflauge Theme

Hello Kitty-Animal Print Theme

Jacana Monkey/Twin Girls Theme

Revealing Theme w/Ducky

Jordan Theme

Leopard Bow Theme

Minnie Mouse-Chevron

Lion King-Nala Theme

Paris Theme

Penguin/Twins Theme

Tropical Theme

Baby Carriage Theme

Hello Kitty foam/zebra print Theme

Rubber Ducky Theme

Cowgirl Theme

Jacana Theme (Medium size)

Purple Flower/Teal Theme

Owl (felt) Theme

Queen of the Jungle Theme

Precious Moments

Plush Monkey Rattle 
(limited in stock)